LOVE this new product have been using this in my salon my clients and I are loving the new pome'getting wonderful results on the hair shaft making it smooth and shiny and definately cutting the drying time down, what is appealling to my clients is that not only is it made up of the argan oil but the winner is the pomegranate.The versatility of the pome'is getting the two products in one for hair and skin so convenient and just wonderful, it has definately revitalised my skin like no other product that i have used on the market today.A big thank you to Tim for making this amzing and best of all NATURAL product.



I love Pomé on my hair, I get so many people complementing me on how smooth and healthy my hair looks all the time. Its fantastic.



Hey Tim, I have only been using the new serum for 3 days, my skin is no longer dry and my eczema is looking better too. Nice to use something that works.



Getting lots of nice comments about my skin and I've only been using it for three days. Can't wait to see the results after three weeks.



Great product to use as a primer!! Finding that after 2 months of use every day it is minimizing lines around my eyes!! I am finding this product to be so versatile!! Definately recommend that you BUY IT NOW!!



My skin and hair have never felt better and I'm finding my makeup has much better staying power too. Normally within a few hours my makeup tends to disappear but now it lasts all day and into the night as well. 



Absolutely one of the most versatile products on the market for skin, nails and hair. One product that you can carry in your handbag and go anywhere with – this product fulfills so many needs. What makes it so impressive is its ability to penetrate to a depth that no other similar product on the market today can without it being infused mechanically. During the last 5 months my colleagues and I have been using the serum to treat allergic reactions, minor burns and abrasions, histamine release after waxing, nail, cuticle, hand and elbow treatments. I personally use it daily for psoriasis, face treatments, scaring, stretch marks, and as a primer underneath makeup. The applications are endless. I recommend this product to anyone who would prefer to carry around one product that replaces a handbag full of other products in a very cost-effective way.